Hungarian Folk Dance Group


Established in 1967

In Perth, WA


Keszkenő Hungarian Folk Dance group has been celebrating the folk culture of Hungary through music, singing and dance since 1967.

Based in Perth, Western Australia, the group has been a part of many multicultural festivals and events within the Perth area, the surrounding country towns and at numerous interstate venues.

Keszkenő is a community based amateur Hungarian Folk Dance ensemble who maintains their heritage through entertaining performances and social dance classes. It functions as a not-for-profit, incorporated body which aims at upholding and promoting Hungarian folk dance culture in Australia, by Australians with and without Hungarian ethnic origins.

The group endeavours to learn and display a true authentic representation from many Hungarian and Transylvanian villages. A focus on traditional folk costumes, music and dance styles, unique to each different village and region, enables Keszkenő to celebrate this truely rich culture.

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Keszkenő Hungarian Folk Dance Group
734 Beaufort St
Mount Lawley, Western Australia